Thursday, 12 April 2012


I’m not a gambler and by extension find it amusing how gamblers put their fate in a probability, which often times is 1 to a million chances of winning. But if there is one thing I would not mind putting my life savings on, it will be on the fact that where boys/men gather, women matter.

That is, whenever there’s a congregation of two or more men, the issue of women vis-à-vis their sexual “expeditions” is never lost. Most of the talk is about how they out-smarted the women into a sexual rendezvous.

One fact men often forget to appreciate is that, women do not sleep with just anybody, unless under certain dire circumstances which I shall return to elaborate. When it comes to the matter of sex, men have been cultured to think they are the ones to go in for and not the other way round. Aside it being a cultural bias, it is also a matter of ego.

Unlike men who put less emphasis on whom they are having a fling with when they are on “heat”, women on the other hand don’t just jump into bed with anybody, at least from the candid discussions I have had with some of them.

The thing about women is that, they are very meticulous in selecting their male “associate(s)”. Before a man could say “I love you”, the woman would have asked, “Why have you waited all this while!!” That is to mean that a woman would have gone the extra mile(s) to investigate the guy in an effort to finding out more about him -his background, history, friends, and likes-before getting cozy with him. If you don’t ‘’fit’’ into her criteria, then forget!

How many times have we not heard guys lament how some women have taken them for a ride, after spending so much on them and refusing them (men) their ultimate target. Men mostly assume, erroneously though, that the highway to laying a woman is to be spend on her. In the woman’s heart and mind, money is fine, baiting them with it is okay but being their type is of definitive importance.

That is not to mean there are no exceptions to the rule. There are some women who sleep with men because they are compelled to do so; either by economic reasons, blackmail, favour , fear, coerciveness or the fun of it. Even with them there is some level of guiltiness-largely due not to the act but whom they did it with. Whiles some cry for days, others feel ‘’dirty’’ for the rest of their lives.

One of the red tapes that limit women in their quest to brazenly exploit their sexuality in terms of sex is the conservative ribbon tied to their heads by the society. Women, apart from being discrete; calculative; conscious of the choices they make, are often barred by rules of society from exhibiting their sexual side.

That restriction is mostly misconstrued by men to mean women are dumb and worthy of deception through the application of overt/covert pressures. In their eyes, when persuasion fails (i.e. legitimate means) “reasonable” force (aggression). Ironically, the chieftain of deception is/are women. The Bible is replete with various examples, from the Garden of Eden to the story of Sampson. So for men to think they are smarter when it comes to getting what they want is fallacious.

So the next time men (me included) wish to or get the opportunity to “slain” those of the fairer sex-women who are not doing it under duress- they should have at the back of their minds that, those trickery did not get her into your bed but rather they wanted it BAAADD!!!

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  1. Sweet flow... i have always maintained that women do not get into our beds because of our *lyrics.. it's because they wanted it BAAAAD!

  2. you such a good writer, with your diction and the way you construct your sentences wow i want to learn how to write like you at least . nice piece.

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  4. When a woman sleeps with you it is because some how she has been able to connect with you emotionally or there is something about you that draws her in. Women can smell deception thousands of miles away and to think you deceived her into having sex with you is childish. If you think you fooled her, probably she fooled you to have a connection you did not see. Great post!