Thursday, 21 March 2013


The snooze button on my alarm took off furiously. Waking me up before my usual time
Did some jogs, did my push-ups and hit the bathroom to clean up.
Damn, the taps are not flowing at this time of the morning
Compelled to empty the bag of sachet water in my fridge in other to
 Give my body a clean up under a barrage of curses.
Took just 5 minutes to finish, then realized the water I was heating
Isn't hot ‘cos the lights are off again (Fuck ECG)
Pulled out a faded jeans and a good looking t-shirt.
Laced my All Star Converse.
From the beam hitting my room, i knew the weather is going to be merciless
But who cares about what the weatherman has to say?
Soon as i stepped out of my room and locked my door, I heard my neighbour yell out
Good Morning!!

Been waiting at the bus stop for almost an hour now.
Waiting patiently for a trotro to show up.
I have no other option than to flag down a taxi to take me to my destination. Eminem's "Mocking Bird" was playing on the radio so i told the driver to turn it up.
Feeling good at the backseat.Inspecting the city like I was the Mayor.
The street monster wasn't resting today cos the traffic jam is so dense.
The driver tells me to keep cool cos everything will be alright.
Heard my phone ringing and guess who? My better half
But before i could say hi, there comes the beep sound. Low battery. All I had was half bar.
I dipped my hand in my pocket to pick out my wallet only to realise I've left it at the house. That's what happens when the gods want to have a laugh.
I told the driver to pull up at my bank so i could get some cash.
What the hell am I hearing?
My account balance is almost non-existent. So what am I going to do now?!!

Good Morning
Semester exams are here again.  I came in 10 minutes late and took my position. Hoping to do my best cos last night I had no sleep.
Soaked my feet in water and drank 3 cups of coffee, that's therapy. But the questions on that paper made me realise all I did last night was bullshit. Can only answer 1 out of the four and the 1 carried the least mark.
Not surprising though. My previous results were as terrible as poison. See, i never paid attention in class. Playing the class clown, watching tits and asses of girls and female teachers was my passion.
Last time, I licked my lips whiles staring at Miss. Anderson who got so upset and banned me from her sessions.
Here i am trying to define my destiny. No salvation. Failure will soon become my option.
But fuck that, ‘cos those who changed the world were all college drop outs. I'm a superstar in the making. More bucks in the offing will mean i could buy degree honours in abundance.
That's day dreaming boy. Wake up cos it's

Good Morning.

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  1. Niceee!! Could hard luck sound any nicer and funnier? Like the part where u said you inspect the city like you are the mayor.