Thursday, 7 November 2013


‘’Look at the nation. That is a crooked smile that braces can’t even straighten’’- J. Cole (Rapper)

The statistics produced by those with unblemished credibility cannot be abused is grim. The caution is clearly stated. We are gradually driving into a ditch. Currently we appear to be on a jolly ride, doing 200 per hour on a 180 road.

The voices are growing louder. You can sense disillusionment. We gave them the power to change the course of history in positive terms and what do we see? Disaster! The future, if care is not taking will be bleak for us and the next generation.

They and their apologists and apparatchiks and cohorts keep screaming they are doing exactly what we mandated them to do-giving us what is better. Yet, we see not their promises in real terms (tangibles). It appears they are living in a different world. Those who complain are asked to ‘get out if they can’t take the heat’. These same people who were once singing the same song of suffering with us are now accusing us of suffering astigmatism.

They jump on radio and TV stations trying hard to put a gloss over the cracking surfacing. They keep lying to us-all singing the same hymn. I wonder if the radio or TV presenters aren’t fed up with the repetitive ‘truth’ they are always told when they query these apologists.  

Then those with whom they’ve been dinning come out screaming and in the process confirming our suspicion. The treasury is getting empty. People are stealing in full glare and nothing seems to be done about it by those in whom we’ve handed authority to dispense justice and safeguard our treasury trough. 

The watchman has become the thief, who takes not minding the time of day-broad daylight or night. Everyday, every time is good time to dip our hands into the trough.
The news is not pleasant. The news media keep digging the issues up. The economy is losing her once beautiful shape that made her the envy of every man. A pessimistic bunch we are gradually becoming. 

Our tummies churn with each day’s news of how funds are flying away viciously. We curse; crash fists into brick walls, smash everything around us to exhibit our chagrin, our disdain at how things are falling apart.

But come the next elections, next four years we queue in the scorching sun, some even sleep at the polling centres, with some using all sorts of objects to book a spot, just to elect that one who we believe is a problem solver-who has the magic solutions to many if not all our afflictions.

Yet at the end of the day, the cycle continues. The over 14 million voting populace will cry bitterly about how things are getting worse, how those at the top are growing their waistlines and living good, and how the needs at the base of the 'Maslowic' tree seems to be farther away from us.

We are gradually tilting towards an age of disillusionment; an age where any action by the majority (marginalized) is possible. We are gradually reaching a point where we’ll collectively say ‘Why the fuck should I vote? Vote to hand them undeniable access to our wealth so they can legitimately steal with no shame?

All we need is a revolution-one of conscience; one that places the interests of the populace (nationalistic) ahead of selfishness, greed and avarice. The nation is wearing a ‘’crooked smile’’ that ‘’even braces can’t straighten’’ as it stands. We need a new re-awakening to fix back her enchanting smile back again.
 But when?


  1. power full. post a copy to his Excellency

  2. same cycle. It's on us to do what we can for ourselves.

  3. Righteous anger, I like this.
    I got disillusioned quite a while back. I got so angry about obvious problems that weren't being solved but being politicized.
    Powerful, this is

  4. When we are able to understand that we are part of governance and holding the people in government accountable means we have to do our part too;
    when we are able to recognise the fact that somethings are up to us and not the government;
    when we are able to de-polarise our politics;
    When we are able to discuss issues and ask the relevant questions instead of religion and ethnicity;
    The list could go on and on!

  5. Now with Sister Vic's tape out...hmmm. The country is a board game and the bosses are playing...Checkmate ankasa!

  6. sometimes i get angry about some of these facts. The people we have given power to are using that power to gain wealth and everything they will need to secure their future. Leaving us the 'common' citizens to strive extra hard to make a living now........hmmm

    True Post Swaye..

  7. a friend said if he hears that someone is planning a "revolution", he wouldn't mind joining the course ... we've had tough times, these times are the certainly the worst ... pastors are also whipping church members ... they should descend on our politicians with the whip ... this is only the beginning. Ghana is bleeding!

  8. Sometimes i can't but to think those who fought for our independence (pre-independence fighters) were humane and cared about the society than these crop of leaders we have.
    Everybody is trying to outsmart one another.
    I cry for my country

  9. @Efo Dela..simple problems that are obvious can't be solved. And these leaders turn and complain of problems when they should be solving it.
    Makes me cringe

  10. An Akan adage says; S3 nsuo tae aponkyerenee a, )gye w))...........meaning, when the frog has had enough water in its throat, it croaks.................a day is coming when those greedy bastards shall be met by the animalism in the people.