Thursday, 13 June 2013


Rapper, RUMOR released a 10-track mixtape, Poetic Licence a couple of weeks ago and one of the tracks that has received enormous reviews is the second single Must Ash. As inferred from the title, the track explores the subject of mortality and the need to live everyday like it was your last.

The mercurial rapper, who’s becoming a sensation for his lyricism, touches on the subject of life in today’s world when in a rhetorical opening quizzes (‘’Why are we in such a hurry? Why are we in search of glory?) and cautions (‘Don’t act a fool for the revenue/no use brooding about what life hasn't given you")

Rumor, again, dissects the subject of faith in the music scene; something most up-coming rappers (and many people) tend to face when success seems farther away as he raps (‘What’s essence of this life at all? / A friend said we speaking to a non-existing God/ And if He existed at all then he don’t like me) but ends saying (‘’This cold world is giving me cold feet/ Please say goodnight before you ever go to sleep!).  Rumor is trying to let his audience know how fearful he is as a result of the worlds' meanness and how we're not guaranteed of waking up after going to bed. Hence, the need to say good night to whoever so in case we die in our sleep, we would have had the chance to at least share some last words with someone.

On the mortality of humans-death being the inevitable end-he borrows a friend’s loss to hit home his point. (‘I remember seeing Chris’ mums in a casket/Since then; we speak about her in past tense) but he’s quick to highlight the quandary of making it to heaven or hell, should one die. (‘’When we leave/ I prolly won’t see us again; forever/ So why we hurrying to the end my friend/ Feels like we running away from bad towards something).

As if the subject of life and death isn’t enough, Rumor takes to addressing the frivolity of humans when he raps (‘’Heard the rich building spaceships/So when they end comes they can escape it/ Winkling old lady want a face lift/It’s pretty baseless).

Undoubtedly, success is what we all seek in this life and that wasn’t lost on Rumor. His quest for success seems to be to satisfy a desire of putting a smile on the faces of his old folks, like many of us, (God bless the man who fathered me/ And then my momma too/ I hope you live long enough to spend some of my cash before you pass")

Must Ash is that introspective and sobering music that advices to live life, play your part well, chase those dreams and exit on a high. The song is one that rocks the inner part of the soul and rest on the conscience of the listener; a compelling subject for a young rapper to address.
Such are the subject hip hop needs to discuss and not always the La Vida Lorca type.

This piece was written with great input from Hamza Moshood (@thehamzay)


  1. First time hearing of Rumor. Looks like he addresses some dark, deep matters. I'm interested in learning more. Thanks for this... always on the lookout for new music :-)

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  3. R U M O R ... Everyone's gotta listen to Poetic License

  4. My first time here and also first time hearing of Rumor. You've really brought him to light and I will listen to what he does just cos of this review

  5. great review.....rumour's ''Aright'' is also very very good

  6. I really love his depth as far as lyrics are concerned. And 'Alright" is classy